Thanks again for stopping by my website to learn more about me! I have over 15 years of marketing and communications experience. Six of those years have been spent at Anthem, where I am currently a member of the Commercial and Specialty marketing team.  Feel free to check out my Resume page to learn more about the other duties and responsibilities I have held throughout my career.

I believe that each of us has an obligation to do our part to help make the world a better place. As such, I make regular contributions in the form of time and money to organizations that prioritize the empowerment of girls and promote education and physical fitness in children. These organizations include Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts, the West Kempsville Youth Athletics organization and the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). I encourage you to understand what causes are important to you and to find ways to get involved.

I also recently started the “I. AM.” podcast. On the show, I present a new positive affirmation each week and deep dive into how we can both speak that affirmation into existence, as well as put it into practice in our lives. It is just my way of helping to spread positivity in the world. The podcast can be found on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Come check it out!

Above all else, my roles as wife and mother are most important. I feel extremely blessed to share my life with a truly amazing man and motherhood is the absolute greatest gift. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, spending time with my son and two daughters, as well as going to the movies, comedy shows and professional sporting events with my husband.

Now you know a little about me. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you!